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    I'm not great about telling people about me. It's not a comfortable place for me, kind of like having my picture taken. Ok, maybe not that uncomfortable but close. 

I thought about starting out like a cheesy dating ad you would have found in the back pages of the paper like in the old days but that seemed a bit of a cop out. People really don't want to know that I like long walks on the beach and Bach (all true by the way) they want to know who Francisca is. Don't they? Maybe not but I thought what the hell lets try introducing ourselves to each other. You game?

Yes? Then here it goes!

 Lets just start with our name shall we? Mine is Francisca Wolters with more in the middle but my first and last are long enough, don't you think? 

I am first generation and the oldest daughter to two amazing immigrant parents. I have a kick ass little sister who is only 14 months younger then me, supposedly looks just like me but I think people are nuts because she is drop dead gorgeous and all packed into 6'. She is gifted in the arts of healing and has a wicked sense of humor. Terribly loyal and makes friends where ever she goes. She's my extrovert to my introvert. Right, I know enough about her this is suppose to be about me. but she is pretty cool. Maybe you'll get to meet her some day.

Ok, back to me. Are you sure? Ugh!

Lets start from the beginning. I was born in Portland, OR to those cool parents I mentioned. They gave me the gift of loving to travel as I got my first passport at the whopping ol age of 3 months old. My first trip was south to Chile (that's where my momma is from). There we hung out for awhile learning to swim in the ocean with my great grandmother and getting my ears pierced in typical Latin style by a couple of nuns. After that there was no stopping me from traveling. If I had my way I would be on the road with a backpack most of the time. There is so much wonder, beauty and food in the world to discover. 

That takes me to my next love, food. Damn, these Latin curves take work to maintain and I am happy to do so as long as the food is good. My dad worked in the restaurant/food industry his whole life and ensured that we were not afraid to try anything. It's the best way to get to know someone and there culture. Food is the soul to life. Without it we go hungry and can't thrive. Who doesn't like thriving?

Lets see, I've covered two of my favorite things travel and food (often in combination) whats next. Ah, yes design!

From clothes to architecture and interiors I am a design junky. The world is a visual feast if you just slow down long enough to see and drink it up. It's one of the many reasons I'm in this business. I have been in retail, clothing design and interior design/styling for my entire career and never tire of it. It's what makes my soul sing. Now, it has to be good design and often my favorite is vintage and antique because, people, they new what quality and detail were. We have lost that today. We live in a disposable world versus one that can with stand the test of time and still look damn good. (my personal goal too) . The details and pride in quality make these things keep on and bring so much joy to ones closet, home and community. Not only does it look good but as an extra benefit it helps the environment. These items tell us about our herstory/history and allow us to tell our own stories in our own style and that is something you can't buy. 

On a more private note I am married to my Mr. O for a very long time (not telling how many years that would give away our ages). I've never met someone else in this world who can make me laugh so much and knows the way to my heart is not through diamonds and roses. He cooks and bakes and to top it off he is a teacher and a musician. Sexy, right? I think so. He's blushing now. Haha!

Then there is Frankie Girl my assistant extraordinaire and rescue pup. You will most likely see her  pop up periodically here but she is often in my social feeds as well because honestly she's just to cute not to share with the world. My lil best friend. 


I think that's enough. Phew, I did it and lived to tell the tale. Haha! 

Thanks for listening and hope you will join me on this adventure I call Bee & Mason Vintage. 





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